Interview Questions

I recently finished a round of interviews, and these were the most commonly asked questions.

-What’s the difference between display:none and visibility:hidden?
-What’s the difference between an ID and a class?
-What is the DOM?
-What are the different methods of applying CSS rules to an HTML page?
-What’s the difference between absolute and relative positioning?
-What is a style reset?
-Which CSS3/HTML5 features do you use?
-Explain the box model.
-What is semantic HTML?
-Describe some cross-browser issues you’ve encountered and how you fixed them.

-In JavaScript, how would you hide an element after a page loads?
-In JavaScript, what is closure?
-How do you invoke a function after the page has loaded?
-Which JavaScript framework do you prefer? Why?
-What is “this”?
-What’s the difference between var x = 1; and x = 1; ?
-How do you debug your JS code?

-What is progressive enhancement?
-What was the best/worst project you ever worked on?
-What development tools do you use?
-How do you keep up on new technologies? What blogs do you read?


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